The Platinum Album Player (Platinum for short), is an alternate music album player with a unique style and features for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (one app works on all your iOS devices). Interact with your albums in ways you haven't been able to before and gain a whole new appreciation for your music collection.


• Play or shuffle songs, albums, artists, playlists

• Wall to wall album covers in all orientations

• Play and volume controls with AirPlay support

• Swipe from the left edge for options and actions

• Swipe from the right edge for your playlists

• Tap albums for track list, tap a song to play in album queue

• Tap and hold albums to drag and drop to play or shuffle

• Full screen cover art with gesture controls

  1. Search for songs, albums, artists, podcasts and audiobooks

  2. Play any item from the search results

  3. Open playlists to view/play individual items


• Search

• Reload albums

• Order albums by artist

• Show/hide albums with no art

• Show/hide status bar

• Share what's playing on Twitter (if available)

• Share what's playing on Facebook (if available)

• Rate the app in the App Store

• Send feedback (via email)

Tap the album art on the Now Playing bar for the full-screen cover art.


• Tap to hide/unhide controls

• 2-finger tap to play/pause

• Swipe left for next track

• Swipe right for previous track

• Swipe down to hide cover art

• Tap and hold on right of screen to seek forward

  1. Tap and hold on left of screen to seek backward

  (this list is also available on the cover art page in the app)

All information about your songs, albums, artists, podcasts, audiobooks and playlists is taken from your iOS Music library. Any changes you make to your music library will be reflected in the Platinum app. Some changes are reflected automatically, such as playlist changes. For other changes, such as adding/removing songs, you can perform a Reload from within the Platinum app.

Please keep in mind that because Platinum uses the iOS's music library and its playlists and because certain music library actions are not available to 3rd party apps, you will not be able to perform some actions from within the Platinum app (but you can perform them from within the Music app itself if you need to). These include:

• Adding/removing songs to the library

• Adding/removing/editing/renaming playlists

• Updating album art

Please also note that Platinum plays music through the Music app and its queuing system, which does not provide certain features you may find in some other apps that have built their own queuing system. These features include:

• Adding songs to the play queue

• Adding song transition effects (e.g. crossfade)

If you must have the above features, please look elsewhere.

More features are being worked on for a future release, such as a Favorites playlist, that can be managed from within the app. It will allow you to organize and play your music in any order you want. In the meantime, you wan create a playlist in the Music app, organize it however you want to, then play it with the Platinum app with Shuffling turned off.

For comments, suggestions, feedback or problems, email

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  1. To open the options and actions menu, you can either tap the arrow on the left edge of the screen or swipe from the left edge of the screen. (Same for the playlist menu on the right side of the screen).

  2. If you want to play all music by one artist, just search by the artist name (or a portion of it). Then tap on the artist in the search results to play all songs by that artist.

  3. If you want to change whether what you're about to play will play ordered or shuffled, tap and hold any item (song, album, artist, podcast, audiobook or playlist) and you will get a menu of choices. You can then choose Play or Shuffle.

  4. You can tap and hold an album to pick it up. Play and Shuffle drop targets will then show up for you to drop the album in.

  5. If an album is already open and you want to play it, you can tap one of its tracks to play the whole album starting with that track.

  6. To close an album, you can either tap the down arrow on the right side of the title area, or swipe the album down from its title area.

  7. When swiping an album down to close, the Play and Shuffle drop targets will show and you can continue swiping all the way down to one of them to play or shuffle the album.