PictureSlider is a tile-sliding puzzle game, based on the 15-puzzle (or n-puzzle) game, with lots of features.

To solve the puzzle you arrange the tiles in number order, left to right then down. When you complete the puzzle you will be cheered on or applauded and have a chance to register your score.

This is the Ad-Free version of the game.


- Use one of 50 Retina display pictures provided as the puzzle.

- Use pictures from your Photo Album as the puzzle.

- Take a picture with the Camera and use as the puzzle.

- Easy Tap-n-Slide. Just tap and tiles slide.

- Multi-Tile-Slide. Move more than one tile at a time.

- Auto-Save of the game progress.

- Auto-Pause of timer when game is closed/inactive.

- 4 puzzle layouts (3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6).

- Timer based score keeping for each layout.

- 2 second preview of solved puzzle.

- Solvable-Puzzles-Only option.

- Save solved puzzle pictures.

  1. -Tell-a-friend about the game without leaving the game.

  2. -Leave a review link inside the game for your convenience.

The puzzle is really fun to play and easy too, even a 6 year old can do it!

Turning off the Solvable-Puzzles-Only option makes it more challenging, because you don't know if the puzzle can be solved or not.

The game remembers the state of the game so if a call comes in you can answer it knowing that when you are done you can resume where you left off with the timer paused. Once you make a move the timer will resume.

The game also remembers which picture you were using no matter the source.

Please note that pictures you take with the camera from within the game to use as the puzzle are not saved in your Photo Album. The game makes its own copy for the puzzle and that copy is lost once a different picture is selected. Once you solve the puzzle you can save a screenshot of the puzzle itself.

NOTE: If you were given a promotional code for Picture Slider you can redeem that from the iTunes Redeem page.

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