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* Now with auto-rotation to either landscape mode.

Kalimba Free is based on an old iPhone Development sample called Kalimba, updated for the latest development enviroment and with some adjustments and optimizations as needed so it can be released free for the world to enjoy.

Kalimba is an old African instrument, also known as the African Thumb Piano in the west. Other names for Kalimba are mbira, ikembe, likembe, sanza, sansa, marimba, marimbula, while in the west it is also known as a finger harp or gourd piano.

The app runs in landscape mode (either side) and the instrument has 7 prongs, allows for multiple prongs to be pressed at the same time and also allows you to strum.

The application has an option for changing the tuning between C Major and G Major right on the main screen and this option is saved between launches.

The application has two notes overlays, one for each tuning and they can be turned on/off and this setting is also saved between launches.

A note for first generation iPhone touch uses: You will need headphones to listen to the sounds the app makes.

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