Bring out the star in you with CenterStage, a customizable soundboard, now with iTunes File Sharing (iOS 3.2+), Sound Document support, Sound and Icon URL Pasting and Expanded Media Support (Premium Feature), Fade Out support and more. Entertain yourself and others in ways you haven't thought possible before. Perfect for cracking a whip and so much more.


- Tap to play. Tap and hold to play looped.

- Multi-tap to play multiple sounds at the same time.

- Drag fingers across the board to create havoc.

- Sounds are ready to play, no loading or paging needed.

- Pitch/Tempo control using horizontal tilt.

- Volume control using vertical tilt.

- Conveniently located Mute button with adjustable fade out option. 

- Add sounds to Shaker list to Shake-to-play a random sound.

- Multiple/independent sound timers.

- Record and use your own sounds.

- Download and use sounds from the internet (Paste-a-URL).

- Upload and use sounds via iTunes File Sharing (iOS 3.2+).

- Open WAV sound documents, like Mail attachments to use in the app.

- PREMIUM FEATURE: Assign more types of audio to any button (requires a one-time InApp purchase).

- Customize icons and background from Photos or Camera (if available), Pasteboard, the internet (Paste-a-URL), iTunes File Sharing or use any iPod library album art.

- Customize sound labels and button look.

- Paste sounds, icons, labels between buttons.

- Sounds can be set to Solo mode.

- Email both built-in and recorded sounds.

- Move/Rearrange sound buttons.


Alarm, balloon pop, balloon deflate, car horn (aoogha), cash register, censored (bleep), charge (calvary), chimp, cow moo, crowd cheer, donkey, explosion, glass break, jaguar (roar), kiss (female), pig squeal, quack, ricochet, rim shot, rock riff, scream duo (male/female), whip (single crack), witch cackle, wrong (buzzer).

A comprehensive How-To section (accessible from the Options menu at any time) describes in more detail how to use CenterStage and shows up the first time you run the app. It also explains what sound formats are available.

When using the tilt to control the pitch/tempo or the volume, the effect is variable and depends on the amount of tilt. Also, these do not affect iPod audio.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer for motion activated play (Shake-to-play).

The 3 ways of playing sounds (tap, timers, Shake-to-play) do not interfere with each other and can be used in conjunction with each other.

With music sources, only one can be playing at any time, but will remain playing even after the app is closed.

With other sources, multiple sounds can be playing at the same time (overlap), even while iPod audio is playing, but will pause or stop when the app is closed if you're on pre-iOS4.

The built-in Recorder is available on iPhones and iPod touches with a build-in or external mic. Use it to record burps, farts, laughs, screams, dogs barking, any audio effects. Or record memos, reminders or a sweet note from a loved one so you can listen to it any time.


Please leave your comments and suggestions of what else you'd like to see added to CenterStage.

Let us know how you have used CenterStage, we wanna know!

We love reviews. We only ask that you try the app first before you leave a review. Thank you.


- If you can't hear any sounds, please make sure the device volume is turned up while the app is running. Also make sure the app is not in Mute mode.

- If you're importing sounds, please read the Info section in the app that describes what formats are supported and what the different ways to import sounds are.

For comments, suggestions, feedback or problems, email

discovolos support. We respond to all emails and help troubleshoot problems.

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