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Audio Match: Wild Animals is a new and unique audio memory match game and a picture gallery and slideshow all in one for the iPhone and iPod touch. It's like nothing you've ever seen before! You'll love it, you'll want to show your friends!

Here's how it works:

- Pictures of wild animals are hidden behind a mesh of leaves.

- Tap the leaves to match a variety of different animal sounds to reveal the pictures behind the leaves!

- Once you solve and reveal a picture you can preview the picture full-screen and save it to your Photo Album. You can also post your score to Facebook or Twitter.


A gallery of pictures is available from the menu so you can view and browse through the solved pictures anytime. And if you forgot to save a picture you previously solved to your Photo Album or forgot to post the score, you can do so at any time later from within the gallery.


The game play is a lot of fun. This perfect combination of sounds and pictures will keep you very entertained; and yes it will sound like you're in the jungle!


If you have to keep the noise down while playing and don't have headphones handy and you just can't wait till you reveal the next picture, then you can always turn Silent Mode ON. How do you play an Audio Memory Match game in Silent Mode you ask? In Silent Mode you match numbers instead of sounds, though playing with sounds on is way more fun! Either way it's a memory game.


The game also keeps score and will let you know when you beat your best score. High Scores and Best Times are registered in Game Center.


If a call comes in you can answer knowing that the game auto-saves your progress and you can resume from where you left off. The timer is even paused for you.


Just hit play


For every 3 matches you complete you win a Free Pass you can use to reveal a picture for free.


Please leave a review and let us know how you like the game. Reviews help with the continuous support of the game.


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